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Our Team

Our team has experience in properties ranging from 38 units / homes to more than 1500 units / homes, providing a wide range of management and financial services. We pride ourselves in helping our clients to identify and adopt saving initiatives that can improve property value while improving total savings. 

Our Services

  • Homeowner’s Association

  • Condominium Association

  • Townhomes

  • Self-Managed Communities

  • Developer Managed Communities

  • Project Management & Event Organization

  • Agent shall appoint a designated manager for the Association as defined by Chapter 718 or 720 of the Florida Statutes

  • Attend board meetings and prepare board packets

  • Produce meeting minutes for each meeting in accordance with Florida Statue

  • Prepare request for proposals for any new major maintenance projects

  • Maintain up-to-date list of all owner’s information and voting rights

  • Maintain corporation registries and files

  • Ensure compliance with all Federal and State laws including annual permits, registrations, insurance applications, tax documents, etc.

  • Manage all deposits, bank accounts, and collections

  • Review the current insurance policy to ensure proper and adequate insurance coverages

  • Enforcement of declaration, bylaws, rules and rules & regulations

  • Administration, communication and correspondence

  • Hire and supervise subcontractors, trades and employees

  • Site inspections, reporting and follow-up

  • Maintain all data pertaining to new or transfers of ownership, including transfers of voting rights

Financial Services
  • Prepare the annual operating budget

  • Prepare monthly financials statements

  • Collect assessments and disburse all debts, providing a detailed account of all transactions

  • Preparation and mailing of delinquency notice and collection letters

Common Area Maintenance
  • Manage all common areas

  • Solicit contracts with suitable Vendors to maintain common areas

  • Determine that contractors are fully licensed and insured

  • Create request for proposal for major maintenance projects

  • Negotiate and retain contracts and services of contractors

Event Organization
  • BPM Management is vastly invested in the Community aspect of your Association.   As communities are planning their upcoming events, many Associations have a little $$$ allotted and need help organizing events while staying in budget.

  • BPM would like to share some great event suggestions for your community. When planning these events, the most important thing is communication to all homeowners through email blast, newsletter announcements, social media advertisement, whatever it takes to get to everyone.

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