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About Us

Welcome to Baran Property Management

Baran Property Management (BPM) is a full-service community association management firm based in Trinity, FL, offering outstanding customer service as our guiding principal. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism necessary to help maintain the resale values within your community while serving with loyalty and dedication to your residents.


BPM takes much pride in your communities needs including budgeting & financials, constant communication with the Board, on site supervision of all work performed at the community, providing open lines of communication with all homeowners and establishing a new and more personalized management philosophy, by creating a web based resident portal that will provide ease of use and include a mobile app to make your overall interactions with your community and management more pleasant; thereby making it easier for you to get the results you deserve as the property owner. 


Your community will benefit greatly from our personalized management approach and at a very fair and transparent cost that is sure to save your association annually compared to big box association management firms.  With this commitment to cost effective spending you will also be seeing drastically reduced prices for all of your community needs. This is my promise to you!

Donna Baran, President

Baran Property Management

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